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Fashion is not immune to the web revolution. Europeana Fashion is a virtual catalogue that brings together 22 partners and more than 700,000 items. This massive directory will be available starting May 2013. (more…)

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Aristographic Clutch: Gucci’s latest jewel

Gucci’s Creative Director, Frida Giannini, launched the Spring/Summer 2013 collection, Aristographic Clutch.


Gucci and its Creative Director take great care to create new, never-ordinary-always-unique trends making use of top quality materials. True to the brand’s concept, the new collection’s clutches are absolutely flawless; they are made out of PVC and transparent resin, and they come in cheerful pastel colors such as yellow, green, and pink. The clutches’ design was inspired by gemstones in cut and color. Each piece is handcrafted using a singular carving technique that is usually reserved to gemstones meant for jewelry pieces.


The clutches of the Aristographic Clutch collection are bright, shimmering and especially capacious despite the small size. They are reminiscent of a purity concept that can also be found in Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2013 apparel collection—everything must be linear, essential, and ethereal to respect all of purism’s regulations. The clutches’ minimal design means to leave all Autumn/Winter frippery behind—such as studs, strass, and appliques—and infuse energy and liveliness in each piece without heaving down the figure.

Frida Giannini really outdid herself; her Aristographic Clutch is the most chic, glamorous accessory of the year.


Gucci bag Sprin Summer collection 2013

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Twin Set Girl: Little princesses keep up

Fashion is not for adults only; kids can play too. Simona Barbieri hasn’t forgotten about the little ones and has created a Twin Set Spring/Summer 2013 collection for girls. Delicate colors and light textiles make up the whole array of kids’ clothes.

 Twin Set Girl

Girls will be able to tap into their developing romantic side and play with skirts, cardigans, and shirts. Twin Set Girl features dresses, shorts, skirts, pant-skirts, maxi t-shirts, and cardigans—all the products of craftsmen’s high mastery.

Simona Barbieri’s little princess’ colors are cobalt, white, pink, ivory, and blue, intertwined with floral prints.

 Twin Set Girl

The Girl collection is modern and yet romantic, its pieces are made unique by a touch of bohemian-style bon-ton. It’s a practical collection, too; chiffon, silk, and cotton knee-length dresses feature a flared cut that makes them all the more comfortable and easy to move into.
Simona Barbieri also gives new life to a classic, a kind of fabric that, after 140 years in our closets and dressers, has yet to go out of style—denim. Twin Set Girl’s denim jacket comes in a romantic—and wonderfully unusual—ivory color; its collar is adorned with beads and gems for a glamorous and yet still delicate touch.

Still, a real princess has no lack of long gowns. Simona Barbieri has thought of that, too. The Girl collection’s gown is rich with natural-colored ecru flounces, dreamy broderie anglaise, and super-modern 3D floral microprints. A unique, princess-like piece indeed.

Jackets come in delicate colors. Each piece’s impact is brought on by a series of strasses and beads. The little ones will be very happy with what Simona Barbieri has put in store for them, and so will their moms!

Twis Set Girl

The Twin Set Girl collection SS 2013

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Spring/Summer 2013: Gianna Meliani and the new women’s footwear

Gianna Meliani uncovers some breaking news for Spring/Summer 2013 footwear. First thing first…goodbye, plateau! After so many collections focused on dizzyingly-tall wedges, designers are going back to the ‘70s with squared, medium-tall heels. High heels will never be “out,” as they seem to truly embody female sensuality, but they will renew themselves and set new trends like so many other wardrobe essentials constantly do.



Gianna Meliani’s own Spring/Summer 2013 collection introduces colorful creations enriched with details and sporting wedges a lot smaller than what we saw last year—to be exact, in 2013 we’ll have 0.40-inches tall wedges and 4-inches tall stiletto heels. This should be music to your ears if, like me, you are not that agile on stilt heels. The collection also features chalice sandals—heels thinner on the ground and thicker at the base—along with the oh-so-comfortable “half heel,” which lucky for all of us is chic both by day and night.


One of the most prominent pieces of the collection is the snakeskin plateaued sandal in Tiffany hue, ingrained with a beige upper shoe that was laser-cut in such a way as to form an intricate arabesque decor all the way to the 5-inches heels. Other interesting pieces are two more wedged models: the one in fuchsia suede adorned with chiffon bows, and the one with the raffia upper shoe braided with orange and black croquet.



Gianna Meliani SS 2013

Gianna Meliani presents us with a summer collection filled with all kinds of footwear—from glittering heels that give their shoes an extra sparkle and elongate the figure, to daring combinations of leathers, ribbons, tufts, and handcrafted embroideries. The designer gives us a feminine, pretentious model of footwear that aims to distance itself completely from any past collection.

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Twin Set: Spring/Summer romance

Spring is a time for romance. It’s a time for color. It’s a time for freshness. It’s a time for lightness. No one does romance, color, freshness, and lightness like the brand we are going to talk about right now.

 Twin Set SS2013

Twin Set Simona Barbieri presented their Spring/Summer 2013 women’s collection with the introduction of delightfully romantic pieces in fresh pastel colors. Elegant lines and neutrals make up a collection inspired by minimal bon ton. Monochrome is the key word, along with elegance and refinement—lace inserts and delicate floral prints, transparencies and mini-dresses exalt the female body without the need for plunging necklines, to prove that you don’t need to appeal to sex to be sensual.


Twin Set’s concept aims to prove that refined outfits can be created with just a few pieces, an idea in stark opposition to that of many other brands. Beige is the dominant color, either by itself or as part of colorful pairs, such as that with fuchsia. Pink tops and coats bring light to the whole ensemble when paired with denim jeans, as do pastel-colored cardigans worn over capri pants and accessorized with tone-on-tone maxi bags.


Speaking of which, the accessories and footwear collections also reflect the brand’s elegant, not-too-daring concept. This spring and summer, the Twin Set woman will walk in drilled suede boots, high sandals—which in some cases feature beige-and-pink wedges—, and open toe or classic décolleté. Bags are exalted by lace details, zippers and studs that give these otherwise linear designs a touch of true grit. Available colors will satisfy everyone: from neutrals to neons to pastels, every woman will be able to find the perfect accessory for her spring and summer wardrobe.

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