Tote bag

Tote bag

Although these bags have been around for a while, they have only recently experienced an actual international market boom: they are the Canvas tote bags that imitate the most loved and sought after bags in the world.

Banane Taipei may have been the first to come up with the brilliant idea: you can’t afford a Hermès birkin or a Chanel 2.55 but you love them nonetheless? Then here is a canvas tote with a print that is an exact replica of the beloved article in every single detail. A fun and slightly cheeky solution that seems to say: ok, I know it’s not a real Balenciaga or Miu Miu, but it’s better than walking around with an imitation, right?

Thursday Friday, another brand that has grasped the economic potential of the idea, offers a less-expensive and more versatile version (without padded handles and more spacious), and while the quality of the print is good, the final result a bit less so. Needless to say that other brands snowballed from this, some of which, such as Pomikaki, come with serial number and certificate of authenticity, while others are simple, second-rate imitations, so beware!

Perfect, in various colours and sizes, comfortable, great for carrying whatever you like in them, at a price that can’t compare, between 35 and 125 $, depending on brand and size. You can buy them from the manufacturer, but if at the beginning when it was a niche item for innovators the waiting time was several months, imagine what it’s like now that they are the it-bag of the moment. The good news is that some boutiques have worked to this effect and have stipulated commercial agreements with the fashion houses.

To be honest some fashion houses, such as Hermès, have even sued, obviously for plagiarism, and the discussion is heated: do these tote bags damage the brand or the original item? well, probably not, quite the opposite… One thing is certain however: if it weren’t for the prints of these bags that have made history, these “shopper bags” would not have been such a success. On the other hand, the idea is brilliant, obviously there are very loyal clients of the designers that can’t stand the sight of them, but the general public seems to have a different opinion entirely.


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Apr 22 2012 8:18 am


how can i order this bag

April 23 2012 08:26 am


Hi mona, to answer your question, you can find these bags in several selected boutiques. We suggest you to search the web, you may find some online shop. Have a nice day!

May 21 2012 9:19 am

valentina marzullo

sono tutte bellissime :))

ti aspetto da me!


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