Re-creating Marlene Dietrich’s style

Re-creating Marlene Dietrich’s style

The actress, singer, cabaret artist and undisputed style icon Marlene Dietrich passed just over 20 years ago.
Studio Universal TV dedicated a cycle of films in her honour, starting Monday May 7 with Morocco, followed by the documentary Marlene Dietrich – Her own song, and so forth for every Monday of the month: Desire (May 14), Destry Rides Again (May 21) and A Foreign Affair (May 28). A truly interesting initiative which just happens to follow the May 6 marathon proposed by Rai Movie (Desire, AngelMorocco).

Dietrich was not only the first woman to wear trousers in public, as everyone knows, but she was also quite a feminine woman who loved fashion and enjoyed playing with her androgynous appearance to leave everyone speechless by switching quickly from tailcoat and top hat to feather boa. Distinguished by the skilled use of her femininity thanks to a mixture of various elements: transgression, self-control, mystery, sensuality… she was also the first woman who was not afraid to display a certain form of bisexuality, and perhaps for this very reason she come across as even more intriguing.

If you wish to copy her style, her legs are the most essential element…that’s right, Marlene Dietrich had a great pair of legs, accordingly, high heels are a must. Since this man/woman ambiguity is the basis of her charm, it is important to choose dresses with a strong character, possibly silver or bronze in colour. To create mannish day looks, go with trousers and skirt suits, and then switch to decidedly feminine evening gowns, such as the classic long evening gown. The final touch to the outfit is the accessory, which must be simple, matching and elegant.

Brands that you look to achieve the Marlene Dietrich look: dresses by Stella McCartneyAlexander McQueenLanvin, and shoes by Jimmy Choo, obviously, and Miu Miu.

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