Pitti Uomo June 2012

Pitti Uomo June 2012

The 82nd edition of Pitti Uomo was marked by major innovation and a desire for change. In an economy were sales have been strikingly contradictory over the last three years, the use of colour may have been the greatest expression of the desire to relaunch this sector.

There was great craftsmanship (also thanks to the MAKE di Pitti section, which was launched last year for the first time), a mixture of street style and a return to the use of exclusive fabrics, however the most eccentric ideas come from the Japanese sections of Pitti, bringing the winds of oriental pop, a decidedly different take on fashion than what we are accustomed to, though thoroughly original, and we are loving it more everyday.

The outcome of this edition of Pitti Uomo is comfortable elegance. While it is well-balanced and not overdone, it nonetheless requires a pinch of audacity. From innovative workmanship, to old and natural materials, to the quest for unusual patterns.

Here are a few fashion ideas presented at Pitti Firenze last week: “sailor” blazers and jackets in terry cloth (Lardini), short-sleeve cotton cardigans (Annapurna), chino pants with geometric floral print (Shaft Jeans as well as PT – Pantaloni Torino), studded and water-proof lace-ups in polished colours (Church’s), sneakers that can be personalised with your initials and tuxedos with lapels in contrasting colours (Valentino), windbreaker shirts (Kway), double-breasted pullovers (Brooksfield), coloured espadrilles in perforated nylon (Castaner), lace-up sneakers in perforated nylon (Lacoste), slippers with beaded embroidery (Louis Leeman Paris), patchwork-print jackets (Pierre-Louis Mascia), minimal trench-coats (Mackintosh), camouflage jackets (Bark), bow ties and ceramic clutches (Corisine Lab).


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