Individuals with individuality. Reality… Not Reality Stars.

Individuals with individuality. Reality… Not Reality Stars.

These were the words of Lanvin in the official press release at the launch of their advertising campaign for the Autumn Winter collection 2012 2013.

It will probably not revolutionise the world of fashion, and, in all honesty, the idea of using ordinary people in an advertising campaign is not a new concept in the marketing world of very many product sectors. It must be said, however, that for a French fashion house with such a solid history and allure, this is no small decision, and it seems to be screaming: you do not need to be a top model to wear a beautiful dress and possess a strong personality. Anyone can, and rightly so!

Credit goes to the creative director of the label, Alber Elbaz, who already provided us with proof of his shrewd marketing sense last year,  exhibiting a much fresher and alternative outlook on communication than one expected from a player in the fashion industry of the calibre of Lanvin. In fact, the promotional video for the 2011 Fall Winter Collection went viral on the web, did it not?? Here it is:

In all honesty, credit for the current campaign must also be extended to the very talented photographer Steven Meisel, as well as the creative direction of House and Holme (Ronnie Newhouse & Stephen Wolstenholme), with fabulous hair and make-up by Pat McGrath and Guido Palau, and the amazing sets created by Mary Howard.

Last but not least, let us not forget the people who actually posed, therefore non-professionals, and who had the good fortune of being models for such an acclaimed brand, including the beautiful 82-year-old woman from New York who certainly added to the sensationalism and spread of this campaign.

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