Pantone Fashion Colour Report Spring 2013

Pantone Fashion Colour Report Spring 2013

Last month, during the New York fashion week, Pantone issued the standard report of the 10 colours that will be all the rage in the Spring collections in 2013, based on, as usual, the requests of acclaimed international designers.

The palette, for womenswear and menswear, is very harmonious, bright and expressive. Colours that combine the need for self-expression, practicality and versatility, without forgetting the desire to stand out.

Green will definitely be the dominant shade for Spring Summer 2013, especially as the background colour for all of the others. In particular, “Tender Shoots” green, a vibrant and bright green-yellow, and “Grayed Jade” green, which has a definite grey base, very relaxing and reflective. Another green that we will see a lot of next season will be “Emerald” green, therefore, sophisticated yet radiant.

Other important shades for womenswear will be “African Violet“, which is challenging and intriguing, but will be used in quite creative and interesting colour combinations.

Poppy Red“, sensual and celebrative, is the 2013-version of the classic and irreplaceable red, “Nectarine“, a bright orange with a hint of acid thanks to a lively yellow component, and “Lemon Zest“, a bright and cheerful yellow with hints of green, will be the most cheerful colours on the palette for Spring 2013.

In terms of blues we have “Dusk Blue“, very relaxing, with its counterpart, “Grayed Jade”. These are the two primary neutrals for Spring, and will be the fundamental shades for menswear. “Monaco Blue“, on the other hand, will be the colour for classic styles, due to its depth and stability. When matched with bright shades, such as “Poppy Red” or “Emerald”, the result will be an interesting “boarding-school look“.

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