After Punk Couture, it is time for Glam Rock

After Punk Couture, it is time for Glam Rock

That fashion and music are a lucky pair is not only known, but is now also increasingly a business objective.

It seems that designers seek inspiration in the look of musicians and bands that have made the history of music, and, vice versa, the artists of today are sometimes affected by the look of the designers and no longer point to create their own image, perhaps also as a result of major commercial agreements…

It is true, however, that every music genre has its own specific look, an “aesthetic” trademark that encodes the music genre and often even the topics covered.

Lately, many designers, especially from “high end” fashion brands, have been inspired by punk rock: an incredible contradiction, given that punk was born just to be different in a very incisive way, to stand out from the glossy world of fashion. On the other hand the success of punk rock and its icons was such to give rise to an out-and-out style, codes of which these brands have thought of reproducing.

And that is exactly what happens: when a musical movement becomes strong enough to create an identity, it seems inevitable that it will not go unnoticed and will be able to influence fashions and styles.

To tell the truth, however, the current trend deviates a little from punk rock and approaches glam rock instead: Richmond has been pursuing this look for a long time, and now even Philipp Plein is focusing the mood of all of his collections on glam rock, with skulls and studs mixed with Swarovsky crystals worn by models who look like a copy of Brett Michael from Poison (can you spot the difference?)

Even Prada has created a pair of shoes with leather flames on the heel! I am sure that at the end of the 80s, Paul Stanley from Kiss would have worn them easily.

Glam rock is not only made up of sequins, but also of torn jeans, leather jackets, t-shirts with fluorescent writing (last summer we saw them in all colours)… What we see today on the catwalks seems to be a mix of rock, glam and street style.

In short: a very frivolous and fashionable evolution of punk… yes because punk was born in the early 70s, with people like Marc BolanDavid BowieIggy Pop etc. Where “punk” did not stand for “I am dirty and a badass” but the philosophical concept behind it was rather “I do not care”: I do what I want to  do and I do not care what others think.

Glam Rock was born soon after, and here, however, the name says it all, with “glamour“, which seems to give the nod to fashion. Although it was taken to extremes and certainly prematurely for the trend, the connection between fashion and celebrities was clear even then: so what are we so stunned about?

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