Givenchy and H&M – Is it true?

Givenchy and H&M – Is it true?

French fashion house Givenchy, founded by Hubert de Givenchy, is currently run by Italian Riccardo Tisci, a designer much loved and courted by a number of famous brands.

Rumours are that secret (but not too much) negotiations are under way between Tisci and H&M. It appears that the next brand to enter into collaboration with the Swedish fast fashion giant might just be Givenchy.

In the meantime Tisci is busy presenting the new Givenchy 2013 collection on catwalks around the world. Just like the company’s founder, Tisci loves red and black, which have always appeared prominently on the materials used by the French maison: satin, leather and silk, often adorned with fur trimmings.

Particularly striking are the geometric shapes and colourful patterns that contrast with the rigidity of the lines. Even the colours have a touch of eccentricity: white, black, navy blue, red, sky-blue and various shades of brown. The fabrics include cashmere, silk, leather, satin and the classic denim, available in all collections.

This time we’re dealing with more than prêt-à-porter – this is not the Tisci we know, but a “new” man who has travelled far and wide in search of new ways to communicate. Tisci is not a grab-and-go traveller: he travels, observes, learns and assimilates different cultures and behaviours, and then goes back to follow their evolution which he transfers into his brilliant creations.

Also from Givenchy is Le Prisme Yeux Quatuor #78 Candide Garden, an amazing new eye makeup produced in limited quantities only. The black box contains four shades of eye shadow, all with fine, silky texture, that leave an intense, shimmering colour lasting all day long. Peach, chocolate, orange and brilliant yellow – a simple but intense palette created to match the shades of the new collection.

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