Kenzo Takada and his attack against the fashion world: no more clones

Kenzo Takada and his attack against the fashion world: no more clones

After retiring from the haute couture world, the great stylist Kenzo Takada, known in the international fashion industry as Kenzo, decided to have his say on what is happening today on catwalks across the world. The stylist does not want it to be a mere attack, but a sort of encouragement to take a different approach for all the fashion houses that are trying to improve themselves and become known to the general public.

The accusation goes more or less like this: “The whole ready-to-wear world is a collection of things seen before, with no original ideas or creative details.” For the last 13 years i.e. since the fashion designer left his fashion house in the expert hands of his assistant, on the catwalks of the whole world we have seen reinterpretations, classic and modern looks, garments with innovative textiles and designs and a number of light effects and truly eccentric lines. And yet none of this has amazed Kenzo.

Besides, no matter how innovative and original, fashion follows a series of guidelines it is difficult to move away from. Perhaps it is missing a youthful touch, given that the major fashion houses keep a tight grip on their companies without ever allowing young stylists to make “the big leap” in their careers. The only positive exception according to Kenzo? Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. Despite their classic approach, they are able to add an innovative touch to all their collections.

It is now a well-known fact that the fashion world is full of clones and replicas sneaking in all over the globe to the detriment of those who try to create clothes and accessories by resorting to talent alone. Clearly, a somewhat detestable way of life, though it makes us think about the time we’re living in in an even more global sense in relation to fashion. Nowadays, excelling, becoming famous and being acclaimed is fundamental not only for economic reasons, but also for sheer personal pleasure, although seeking fame at any cost may affect an entire industry.

Kenzo Takada, as he stated himself, will never return to the fashion world, but, in the light of his long-standing experience, he prompts everyone to pay special attention: creativity makes the difference but, as for all great human talents, it is not that easy to find.

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