Spring/Summer 2013: Gianna Meliani and the new women’s footwear

Spring/Summer 2013: Gianna Meliani and the new women’s footwear

Gianna Meliani uncovers some breaking news for Spring/Summer 2013 footwear. First thing first…goodbye, plateau! After so many collections focused on dizzyingly-tall wedges, designers are going back to the ‘70s with squared, medium-tall heels. High heels will never be “out,” as they seem to truly embody female sensuality, but they will renew themselves and set new trends like so many other wardrobe essentials constantly do.



Gianna Meliani’s own Spring/Summer 2013 collection introduces colorful creations enriched with details and sporting wedges a lot smaller than what we saw last year—to be exact, in 2013 we’ll have 0.40-inches tall wedges and 4-inches tall stiletto heels. This should be music to your ears if, like me, you are not that agile on stilt heels. The collection also features chalice sandals—heels thinner on the ground and thicker at the base—along with the oh-so-comfortable “half heel,” which lucky for all of us is chic both by day and night.


One of the most prominent pieces of the collection is the snakeskin plateaued sandal in Tiffany hue, ingrained with a beige upper shoe that was laser-cut in such a way as to form an intricate arabesque decor all the way to the 5-inches heels. Other interesting pieces are two more wedged models: the one in fuchsia suede adorned with chiffon bows, and the one with the raffia upper shoe braided with orange and black croquet.



Gianna Meliani SS 2013

Gianna Meliani presents us with a summer collection filled with all kinds of footwear—from glittering heels that give their shoes an extra sparkle and elongate the figure, to daring combinations of leathers, ribbons, tufts, and handcrafted embroideries. The designer gives us a feminine, pretentious model of footwear that aims to distance itself completely from any past collection.

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