Europeana Fashion: An online access to fashion’s creative genius

Europeana Fashion: An online access to fashion’s creative genius

Fashion is not immune to the web revolution. Europeana Fashion is a virtual catalogue that brings together 22 partners and more than 700,000 items. This massive directory will be available starting May 2013.

The concept of Europeana Fashion is beauty, expressing art through different shapes and styles. Clothes and accessories, photographs and paintings, drawings and videos—all will provide users with inspiration and the chance to really explore the fashion world and all it has to offer. European Fashion aims to bring together the past, the present, and the future of the most influential fashion houses and designers.

The figures are jaw-dropping: 22 partners, 12 Countries, 3 sponsors, and 19 contributors. Rome already came up with a similar project in the past, Casa della Moda a Roma, but it never actually happened due to the expenses it would require. Europeana Fashion is happening, and it can count on a strong support system; the project was partly financed by the European Committee, while the organization, Fondazione Rinascimento Digital is taking care of the coordination.

The project lives in an online reality but will be presented in the very tangible setting of the city of Florence during the “Fashion and the Glam Community” conference, which will take place on the 17th and 18th of April 2013. On that occasion, European Fashion will be presented and examined accurately, with a dedicated team explaining the directory’s functions and resources and sharing the passionate ideas that brought the project to life. All major international fashion houses will be attending.

Europeana Fashion is a project that will last for three years and has huge amounts of potential for the future. It will display a world history of fashion, showcasing creations and masterpieces of style starting from the beginning of the 20th century. Finally a gallery that will tell everybody the story behind the genius of fashion’s creative talents.

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