White by numbers

White by numbers

The White event has just come to an end, the Milanese showcase in via Tortona which lets contemporary and up and coming international designers set up exhibits during fashion week.

According to Massimiliano Bizzi, president and founder of White, this edition was the best in years, in terms of the collections being shown, as well as the number of buyers and the interest in buying. In fact, the number of visitors exceeded 16,500, which is almost an 8% increase compared to September of last year.

There was a large outcome of foreign buyers, primarily oriental, with Japanese, Chinese and Korean in the lead. There was an increase in Italian buyers as well, though more modest.

360 fashion collections were presented for the Spring Summer season 2013, ranging from clothing to accessories, and the two Stella Jean and Uma Wang runway-events at the Rotonda della Besana, made possible thanks to the patronage of the City of Milan, undeniably boosted the success of this edition.

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