10 years of Louis Ghost of Kartell – Interview with Philippe Starck

10 years of Louis Ghost of Kartell – Interview with Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck, the clever and acclaimed designer, also known to laymen, attended the Milanese Kartell shop in Via Turati the other day to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Louis Ghost chair, designed by none other than Starck himself.

A chair which has been an extraordinary success: with over 1.5 million pieces sold, it is the single most best-selling chair in the world, and unquestionably the best achievement resulting from the collaboration between the famous French architect and the leading Italian company in the designer furniture industry, which has always focused on the use of plastic for its creations.

Below is a video-interview given by Philippe Starck, where the creative artist explains in very simple terms how a successful designer object is developed, how it needs to be linked to the collective memory to become popular, how it needs to be functional as well as pleasing to the eye, and how the features of a truly successful design are brought together in a simple form.

In an era where creativity is available to everyone, it seems that these elements are often forgotten or put on the back burner, leaving more space to sensationalistic elements which, do provide an immediate impact, but soon turn out to be investments that fold.

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The interview was published by GQ.com, edited by Paola Montanaro, filming and montage by NewFarm.

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