Red Passion 2013

Red Passion 2013

The new Campari Red Passion calendar with Penelope Cruz has been launched!

These days the famous group, which has been producing drinks and snacks for over 150 years, has published the shots of the famous fashion photographer Kristian Schuller (who studied fashion design with Vivienne Westwoood…), a selection of images and a video of the backstage on its website.

The theme that accompanies the us in the months of the 2013 Campari calendar is superstition, or rather the negation of superstition, as also stated by the title that opens the press release: “Campari says goodbye to superstition with the 2013 Calendar!” as well as in the motto with red & gold lettering “kiss superstition goodbye”.

A journey in which, among blacks cats, broken mirrors, open umbrellas when it is not raining and so on, the beautiful Penelope, a chameleon and award-winning Spanish actress Oscar in 2009 for Best Supporting Actress in “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” by Woody Allen, wants to infuse security, suggesting that it is the confidence in ourselves that allows us to overcome any superstition and enjoy the pleasant moments of life.

In the Calendar, Cruz is wearing dream clothes and shoes in red, designed by some of the most prestigious international fashion brands such as Ferragamo and Monique Lhuillier, as well as jewellery designed by Chopard.

The 2013 Campari calendar, as those of the previous editions, is a limited edition with only 9999 copies.

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