Between the past and the future, the uncertainty of the present: Chanel n°5

Between the past and the future, the uncertainty of the present: Chanel n°5

Impossible but likely, in fact, that for the first time in the history of the famous n°5 by Chanel, a man is representing the perfume.

It is not a simple story, or so it seems.

We cannot define a series of films that have a logical connection and a complex structure as an advertisement, but we can try to understand.

The structure of the film analyses all stages of the life of the fragrance, taking the form of a biography. It talks about the creation of the perfume (born from the  encounter between Gabrielle Chanel and Ernest Beaux),  the destiny and advertising strategies chosen by Chanel, of which Brad Pitt is the last example.

This historical perspective is an opportunity for the brand to emphasize the uniqueness of this fragrance, which has eluded all standards, regardless of the period and the social context in which it is inserted.

This way, the film documents the past without falling into the standard of a documentary: the close-ups, the fast assembly and the music want to make one  think, nostalgically evoking a time that was, rather than simply showing.

The brand hails the viewer, shows the values, the mastery of history and, at the same time, a departure from its past.

It is a renewal that does not want to betray or deny the past, indeed, the frequent references show that we must learn from history. In the end, a subtle psychological thread will give the result desired by the brand.

Eternity, that is the purpose, the time evolution, which, going from Marylin and many other famous figures, reaches today with prestigious but male testimonials.

It is  knowing how to adapt, living in the present without discriminating, looking beyond, towards the unknown, but with the certainty of what one is, not philosophising, but with an eye toward the inner depth of humanity.

Transmitting these truths seems like an ambitious project, but let’s not forget that it is Coco Chanel.

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